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North Tech Law Enforcement Students Reach Finals of the Constitution Project

North Tech Law Enforcement Students Reach Finals of the Constitution Project

Congratulations are in order as Mr. Hines’s Law Enforcement students have achieved new heights for North Tech’s participation in the Constitution Project by qualifying for the finals!

The Constitution Project is organized by Douglas Gaston, Missouri Associate Circuit Judge from Texas County Missouri, and is comprised of 3 phases. The first phase, held in the House Chamber of the Missouri Capitol in Jefferson City, took students through a mock legislative debate. The second phase of the competition consisted of a staged crime scene scenario where students investigated by collecting evidence, and interviewing witnesses, victims, and possible suspects. Also beginning in the second phase of the contest was a parallel journalism component with student-journalists reporting on the scene and about the scenario. The Constitution Project’s third and final phase was a mock criminal trial utilizing evidence collected in phase two.

The mock trial portion of the Constitution Project took place on October 23rd at the Callaway County Courthouse in Fulton, Mo. Students from Camdenton High School competed against students from Fulton High School and North Tech faced Cardinal Ritter in their mock trial.

North Tech Students collaborated to conduct all aspects of a criminal trial including opening statements and closing arguments, questioning and cross-examining witnesses, entering evidence, and making procedural objections. The collaboration required lengthy preparation, strategizing, public speaking, problem solving, and adapting in real time to counteract the strategy of the opposing school’s legal team.

North Tech’s impressive performance, in all phases of the Constitution Project, earned top honors in the Eastern Region. North Tech will return to the Capitol in Jefferson City, in December, to challenge Osage High School and Marshfield High School for the “Freedom Cup” in the finals of the competition.

Additionally, based on superior performance, select students from the North Tech Team team are likely to be included in the All-Star portion of the competition, which will occur on November 7th.

The North Tech Constitution Project team benefited greatly from and are grateful for their mentors who aided in their success: Mr. Hines, Mr. Hicks, Officer Neal Frederick of the St. Louis County Police Department (Crime Scene Investigation), Ms. Brandi Miller (Criminal Trial), and North Tech graduate Darrion Henderson (Journalism).

Please congratulate Mr. Hines, Mr. Hicks, and the students in the Law Enforcement program on their preparation and performance throughout the 2018 Constitution Project.

Legislative Debate participants: Romello Baldwin, Bianca Bowser, Brandi Burden, Emily Engelhard, Deja Futrell, Torian Handy, Ramiah McJames, Dejah Moore, Ctyah Whitehorn, and Shannon Williams

Crime Scene Investigation participants: Romellow Baldwin, Anthony Brooks, Kenny Kaiser, and Dejah Moore

Journalism participants: Nehemiah Anderson, Diamond Bracken, Jordyn Estes, Alyssa Robinson, and Nacia Walls

Criminal Trial participants: Hayat Al-Ganzawy, Nehemiah Anderson, Anthony Brooks, Deja Futrell, Ramiah McJames, Dejah Moore, and Daniel Tracy

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